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Lina Flari


The creation of ELEF HOME started as a dream inspired by my personal passion for interior design.

Creating a space that reflects the aesthetic with simplicity, elegance and warmth was the central idea combined with my desire to share my vision and offer you the opportunity to create the space of your dreams.
Each product has been selected with love.
The life I want to live, the person I want to be, the environment in which I find my inner peace, the environment in which I create memories, was the main axis for the creation of the first ELEF HOME collection. 

“…because an object can offer all these, creating an idea, a whole world"

The name of the products is an integral part of ELEF HOME. An object like a gift carries a whole story. Like in the theater when the curtain opens I can get information about the premise of the play through the objects that they exist on stage. So for every object that has taken its name from a role from a play or the cinema accompanied by a saying of the character.
Each name comes from the feeling, the world it created in my own mind... 

"...but now I put this in your hands to be translated into your own personal world".

The designs and materials of the products are characterized by lines and textures that focus on simplicity and elegance. The earth tones that prevail in the collection offer
a natural beauty and contribute to the creation of a warm environment.


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