Terms of use

Terms of use

Terms of Use of the elefhome.com Website and Online Store


The elefhome.com website is the e-shop, which constitutes the electronic presence of the company under the name "Nikolia Flari", and distinctive title ELEF HOME, with VAT number 164623096 DOU Kallithea and GEMI number 170814801000. The headquarters of the company, which will henceforth be called THE COMPANY, is located in Kallithea at 55 KATSONI LAMPROU street, KALLITHEAS, tel: 212 1026514, by e-mail: info@elefhome.com.

The specific online store (e-shop) offers all our customers, as well as all internet users, immediate information about the products offered by our company, about the materials it uses, their properties, as well as the possibility to make their purchases online by purchasing either one of the products already available on our website, or by placing special orders according to their preferences. 

The use of the electronic pages and services of elefhome.com by the visitor/user presupposes his unreserved agreement with the following terms of use, which apply to all the content included on the Company's website.

The visitor/user must read these terms carefully before using the services of the website and if he does not agree with them in whole or in part, he must in any case not use the services and their content.  

The present and applicable terms are subject to change without notice, so we recommend that users check our website frequently for any changes to the applicable terms.

The continuation of the use of elefhome.com even after any changes, means the unreserved, on behalf of the visitor / user, acceptance of these terms, without requiring any other action.

Εάν υπάρχει κάποιο μέρος της ιστοσελίδας μας ή των όρων αυτών, που εσείς, σαν επισκέπτης, δεν καταλαβαίνετε, ή αν έχετε οποιαδήποτε απορία σχετικά με τα προϊόντα μας, παρακαλώ επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας στο email info@elefhome.com


Users of the elefhome.com website agree that they will not use our Company's website to send, post, email or otherwise transmit any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, defamatory or a breach of privacy. someone elses. In addition, private individuals accept that the products they order through the elefhome.com online store are intended for personal use.


Except for the expressly stated exceptions (copyrights of third parties, partners and suppliers), all the content of the website, including images, audio-visual material and texts, graphics, designs, photographs, texts, services and products provided are the intellectual property of elefhome.com and are protected according to the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions.

Any copying, reproduction, modification, resale or misleading the public about the actual provider of the website content is prohibited. Any reproduction, republishing, uploading, announcement, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the content in any way or medium for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with the prior written permission of the Company.

Τα ονόματα, εικόνες, λογότυπα διακριτικά γνωρίσματα, κείμενα και οπτικοακουστικό υλικό που αντιπροσωπεύουν την Εταιρία μας ή/και το ηλεκτρονικό της κατάστημα elefhome.com καθώς και τα προϊόντα ή τις υπηρεσίες τους, είναι αποκλειστικά σήματα και διακριτικά γνωρίσματα της  εταιρίας μας και προστατεύονται από τους ελληνικούς, κοινοτικούς και διεθνείς νόμους περί εμπορικών σημάτων και βιομηχανικής και πνευματικής ιδιοκτησίας. Σε κάθε περίπτωση η εμφάνιση και έκθεσή τους στην ιστοσελίδα elefhome.com και στο ηλεκτρονικό κατάστημα της Εταιρίας μας δεν θα πρέπει κατά κανένα τρόπο να εκληφθεί ως μεταβίβαση ή εκχώρηση αδείας ή δικαιώματος χρήσης τους.

 The use of the elefhome.com website by any user/visitor does not imply the transfer of any access rights to any aspect of the elefhome.com Services in source code form.


In order to carry out any transaction through the elefhome.com online store of our Company and to place orders for the company's products, the disclosure of some personal information will be requested from the customer. When placing the order, the full name, the shipping address of the products, the billing address of the order (if it is different from the shipping address), the invoicing information (if payment by invoice has been selected), the a contact telephone number, your electronic address (e-mail) and in cases where the payment is made by credit card, the number, the expiry date of the card and the three-digit security code. Along with these details, when creating a user account, the access code to these services is also requested. The credit card details are not stored in the company's storage media during the transaction, but are registered directly in a secure environment of the cooperating banking institution that has undertaken the routing of the cards.

The elefhome.com online store operates in accordance with the applicable Greek and Community legislation and keeps your personal data securely for as long as you are registered in any service of elefhome.com, which are deleted after the termination of the business relationship in any way.


elefhome.com uses "cookies" technology to improve and facilitate your visit to its website. Cookies are sent to your computer and identify you as a specific user by storing your personal preferences and technical information. We use a) Permanent cookies (i.e. cookies remain on your computer until you delete them) b) Temporary cookies (i.e. cookies remain until you close your browser) and help you keep products in your shopping cart, without them being deleted every time you come out of it. The cookies themselves do not contain or reveal personal information. If you do not accept the use of cookies by elefhome.com, you can change your browser settings so that it does not accept cookies (instructions on how to change the cookie settings in your browser can be found in the help section of the browser you are using ).

Αναλυτικά η πολιτική των cookies here


The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol is today the global standard on the internet for certifying websites to web users and for encrypting data between web users and web servers. An encrypted SSL communication requires that all information sent between a client and a server be encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software, thus protecting personal information in transit. In addition, all information sent with the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically checks if the data has been changed in transit.

In addition, personal security is the password you give when you become a member of elefhome.com. In order to present any of your personal information, you must first provide your username and password.

 For this reason, you must keep this information well so that it does not risk falling into the hands of third parties. We also advise you to create passwords using symbols along with alphanumeric characters.
Finally, let us remind you that the credit card details are not stored in the company's storage media during the transaction, but are registered directly in a secure environment of the cooperating company that has undertaken the routing of the cards.

Κατά την διάρκεια της online πληρωμής, ο χρήστης μεταφέρεται σε κρυπτογραφημένη σελίδα ασφαλούς σύνδεσης με πρωτόκολλο SSL η οποία ανήκει αποκλειστικά στην τράπεζα Πειραιώς  που έχει επιλεγεί, η οποία αναλαμβάνει πλήρως την πληρωμή και ειδοποιεί την elefhome.com όταν αυτή ολοκληρωθεί.

 All transactions you carry out through elefhome.com are governed by International and European law, which regulates issues related to electronic commerce, as well as by the Greek Consumer Protection Law (L. 2251/1994), which regulates issues related to with distance sales.


For the return policy please see it page.

Our company will provide you with all possible assistance to fulfill the terms of the warranty that accompanies your product, as a Supplier, at no cost to you. This is regardless of the out-of-warranty maintenance services, which we can provide you with the applicable charge on a case-by-case basis.

If a product is defective or you are not completely satisfied please contact our company directly by e-mail at info@elefhome.com and title DEFECTIVE PRODUCT. The customer service department will record your problem and, if required, inform you of the product return procedure.

Our company has towards you all the obligations provided for in the Civil Code for the seller. Especially in the case of a defect in the product we sell you, you can (a) ask for its repair at no cost to you or its replacement with another, unless this is impossible or requires disproportionate costs (b) ask for a price reduction and (c) withdraw, unless it is an immaterial factual defect. The above obligations do not exist in case the defect has been caused by you, or by force majeure in a narrow or broad sense.

An independent Authority to which you can turn for out-of-court resolution of your dispute is the Consumer Advocate (144 Alexandras Ave., 114 71, Athens, tel. 2106460862).

 You also have the option of alternative resolution of consumer disputes that have arisen from contracts for the electronic sale of our products by using the registered AED bodies in the Registry in accordance with the KYA 70330/2015. For the online link to the EU-wide electronic consumer dispute resolution platform (EDR platform) click here

You can place a valid order through the e-shop if you are legally competent in compliance with the articles of the Greek Civil Code, (as long as you have completed the eighteenth year of your age and are not legally bound to enter into a sales contract). Orders may also be placed by representatives of legal entities, while the company reserves the right to claim a refund from the supervisor or guardian of any orders made by legally incompetent persons.



The prices listed on elefhome.com include VAT. 24%.

In order to place an order in the elefhome.com online store, it is required: acceptance of the terms of the sales contract and the terms of use, in particular the collection and where necessary the use of personal data.

In any case, the e-mail you will declare must exist and belong to you, because all our communication will be done through the e-mail you have declared during your registration.

On all pages of the elefhome.com online store and next to each product available for purchase, there is a button 
ADD TO CART. Navigate to our online store and add to your cart the products you wish to buy. 
To continue shopping, select from the central categories the one that contains the next item you are looking for and add it to your cart as well. When you have completed the process of adding products, press the "Shopping Cart" button on the top right of your screen. 


The order is completed in 4 basic steps.

LOG IN / REGISTER – In the 1st step you will be asked to login if you are already a registered member or to make a new registration.

METHODS OF COLLECTION – In the 2nd step you will be asked to enter the information regarding the shipping details of the order as well as to choose the Payment Method and delivery method.

The receipt of your order is carried out by transporting the product(s) you ordered from the transport company cooperating with us and delivering it/them to you on the sidewalk of the organized settlement.

In the event that the transport of the product must be carried out in an inaccessible area outside the settlement or the approach of the transport company's truck becomes difficult or impossible for any reason, the delivery of the products will be made to the offices of the cooperating transport company or to the closest to the shipping address place (within an organized settlement), otherwise if these are not possible either, the products will be delivered to the customer with an additional charge. In the event that the delivery address of the products you stated falls into one of the above cases, please contact us during the stage of registering your order or before it. 

PAYMENT METHODS - Here you are given the option to choose to pay with

1) Credit card or debit card,

3) Cash on delivery

You will also be asked to enter a discount code if you have one, as well as if you wish to receive the company newsletter and add any comment you wish to your order.

REVIEW & PAYMENT – In the penultimate step you will find the procedures for revising the order in terms of Shipping Details, Billing Details and Shipping Method. You can edit your Billing Details and Shipping Details. In this step you will be informed about the charge for the value of the products and the final payment price. To proceed to the next step you must necessarily accept the Terms of Use.

CHECKOUT - In the last step you complete your order. Depending on the payment method you choose, the corresponding form is displayed. To complete the order, you will enter the details according to the payment method. In the case of payment by Credit Card, you will go to the corresponding environment of the banking institution and in the case of bank deposit, you will be informed that your order has been completed. 
In the case of depositing to a bank account, your order will be on hold and will be executed when we confirm that the amount has been deposited. To facilitate the process, please send us the copy of the deposit, in which you should have stated the order number and your name, to the electronic address elefhome.com If for any reason you cannot send us the receipt, please send us an e-mail with the deposit date, the deposit bank, the deposit number, the order number, your name and a contact phone number at the above email address, so that we can check and confirm these details and proceed with the order your.


The consumer through the website is informed by the company before the completion of his order about the identity and address of the supplier, the essential characteristics of the product, the price, the quantity, the transport costs, the method of payment, the date of delivery, the duration.
By sending the order form, the consumer receives an electronic copy of the order to the electronic address (e-mail) he/she has indicated when registering his order, which includes a detailed description of the goods of the order and a unique order code, with the which will be able to monitor the progress and development of his order.


For the convenience and service of all those who wish to buy from our Company's online store, elefhome.com has the following payment methods:

— Charge your credit or debit card. The card is charged on the day the product shipping process begins, except for products that are manufactured according to the consumer's specifications or are clearly personalized, for which the credit card is charged immediately after your order is confirmed.

- Pay on delivery

Our online store has taken all the necessary measures for the security of your transactions through your credit card and all credit card holders are subject to validity checks. By choosing the specific payment method, you will be transferred to the secure transaction environment of the cooperating Bank that has undertaken the routing of the cards, i.e. Viva.

 It is important to mention a contact phone number and a valid e-mail address. In case your credit card is not approved by your bank, the company reserves the right to cancel your order.

SHIPMENT OF PRODUCTS: For all your purchases you have no shipping costs. Product deliveries are made only within the physical borders of Greece through the cooperating transport company (and its partners). The consumer has no obligation to pay if he does not receive the legal document (receipt, invoice).


 Returns Policy

The terms and conditions described in this policy apply to all products purchased from our online store in Greece via the internet at elefhome.com

The shipping costs for the return of the products are borne exclusively by the customer. The charge for transporting your products depends on the zip code of your area and the weight of the goods.

Returns are only accepted if the products you wish to return are in the same condition in which you received them and are accompanied by the retail receipt or invoice. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for goods manufactured according to the specific specifications of the consumer or clearly personalized for the specific consumer.

Returned products can only be picked up from the address that you originally stated for their shipment and that you have indicated to us in writing

If the returned product has suffered damage or wear due to the fault of the customer, or its value has been reduced by handling that was not necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the products, our company will assess the value of the damages and the amount of the reduction in value and in the event that elefhome.com is obliged to make a refund to the customer, the corresponding amount of the loss will be deducted from the total amount of the refund.

In addition to the rights provided by the returns policy, all rights applicable to consumers from the applicable provisions and laws regarding the sales contract are recognized, in any case, as well as any right arising in connection with the warranty conditions of the products .


 Force majeure: If for reasons of force majeure (e.g. bad weather conditions, strikes, etc.) it is not possible to deliver the products to you within the predetermined time, we will inform you via e-mail, in order for you to notify us if you wish, under these conditions conditions, the completion of your order. Our Company bears no responsibility for any situation beyond its fault and will do everything humanly possible to serve you better.

elefhome.com reserves the right to modify or renew the available products, sales prices and other terms and conditions of transactions. Our Company undertakes the obligation to update this text for any change or addition.


 The Code of Consumer Ethics for Electronic Commerce as formulated on the basis of the Ministerial Decision of the Minister of Economy and Development in the Gazette of the Government of the Hellenic Republic (22/03/2017, Sheet No. 969), is published by our online store elefhome.com and you can read it in its entirety by clicking here

  1. general provisions

Our Company may, at its sole discretion, immediately terminate any agreement with you under these terms at any time by notifying you and/or, if you have a login account, canceling your membership and account access your. Our Company may even suspend your use of its Services, without notice at any time, without having any liability towards you.

You hereby agree that your unauthorized use of its Services may result in irreparable damage to our Company and/or its licensors and partners, for which any monetary remedies would be insufficient. Accordingly, in the event of such unauthorized use, we and our licensors/affiliates (as applicable) shall have the right to seek, in addition to any other available remedies, immediate injunctive relief against you, prohibiting you from any further use of elefhome.com Services

The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision (in whole or in part) of these terms will not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions (in whole or in part). All or part of any provision held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable shall be deemed to be deleted from these terms.

These terms apply to you personally. You may not assign these terms, in whole or in part, to any third party without our prior written consent.

These terms represent the entire agreement between us and you and supersede all and any prior terms, conditions, agreements and arrangements regarding your use of the elefhome.com Services

We will act immediately if there are indications that any User Content violates these terms. In the event that you know or suspect that any illegal activities are taking place, or you know or suspect that works belonging to you have been infringed, please write to us at info@elefhome.com, and mark your letter as the attention of our "Legal Counsel".

Any failure by us to enforce any of these terms shall not constitute a waiver of them or of the right to enforce any of these terms at a later stage.

Any persons who are not parties to these terms shall have no right to enforce any provision of these terms.

Regardless of the country from which you access or use the elefhome.com Services, to the extent permitted by law, these terms and your use of our website Services shall be governed by the laws of Greece and you shall be deemed to have submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Rhodes, Greece for the resolution of any disputes that may arise hereunder.


In case you need more information about elefhome.com or have any suggestions on how our Company's services can be improved, please contact us by email: info@elefhome.com

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